Migrating Towards Portlets

The web application development is at the threshold of another revolution. We have witnessed such a migration in past, that was from CGI to Servlets. Servlets with its multi-threaded concept have virtually captured the market. We can see a similar migration from Servlets to Portlets technology in near future.

In this Blog-spot I would be sharing the knowledge about portlets and related technologies.


Anonymous said...

actually, i'm facing this problem now. My customer, who have developed their Web App based on Sping MVC Framework (v1.x), and now they're going to migrate the legacy web app onto Portal.

but we can not find any Portal Server supports Sping MVC Framework as a portlet. :(

Vik said...

yes, migration to Portals from already established system is quite a job. One should consider the applications, they want to be part of portals and what they can keep outside portals. Plus we may also utilize a WSRP to run several application on seperate machine and integrate them at on place thru portals.