Exo V2 released portal 1.1

The exoplatform one of the well known OS portal server has released their new version of portal. Here are the features of new product release. They also have a plan of adding more feature full product range. Below are links from where u can find the download link for the portal.

That new version comes with a huge set of new functionnalities

* Enhanced Portal Navigation and pages customization: Drag & Drop functionality of portlets
* Advanced Security: LDAP support and each portal, navigation tree or
page can be configured with a set of permissions allowing members of
group to see them or not.
* Enhanced Portal Navigation and pages customization:
* Collaboration and Information sharing: according to who you
are but also to the role you have in a group you can get the
information that is relevant for your intesrest and work. Version 1.1
comes with and enhanced community concepts which allow a fine
priority selection on the communities.
* Web Content Accessibility : most of the rendering HTML and css
has been rewriten to fulfill the WCAG 1.0 specification and to allow
the product to be used in federal and public organizations.
* Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities:it is now possible to monitor
portlet, page and portal accesses thanks to chart and efficient arrays.
* High performance and scalability

Download link


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