What is Google Upto?

Google had come with a bang, when it released GMAIL. Since it provided larger storage space with higher user interactivity using AJAX , Gmail became an instant hit. It surely must have made other Email Service Providers a bit nervous. Microsoft is still working on coming up with new Hotmail version, through its Windows Live Mail system. Google has been able to come up with newer technologies regularly, which include GOOGLE MAP API’s, Enterprise API’s among others.

Recently, Google has come up with its new syndication protocol called GData. It is XML based syndicate RSS or ATOM and it provides extra functionalities of Queries, Authentication and Optimistic Concurrency. So what Google is actually aiming to achieve? Well what I guess, Google is trying to bring Collaboration to Web ( or to GOOGLE ;)). Sharing knowledge and forming collaboration in teams has always been a key factor in Enterprise Applications. With Blogs and XWikis this has taken a new dimension. I call it - “Lightweight Collaboration Solutions”. IBM is already coming up with QEDWiki which uses AJAX, ATOM and RSS feeds.

Google has already come up with its implementation of GData in form of Google Calendar Data Api. It provides calendar functionality, which is essential for collaboration. The organization can use these APIs to develop light weight collaboration suites. But yes, this will require sending huge amounts of data to Google. But in that case, Security will be an important concern for the organizations.

We are bound to see exciting development in this area, in not so far future!

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