View on Ajax

Here is the ARTICLE I read about a view on ajax.

The article is quite good but still I have a few concern about it. The article suggest that one should replace the web browsers all together. Well …….Do you really want to do it? Easy to use and interoperability of web browsers have give the fire to the Internet revolution. The focus should not be on replacing the thin and so much interoperable clients by something else as a Swing applications or may be VB Desktop applications. ( Even Applets have the problem of higher download time.) The focus should be as to how to make these browsers as more Rich in Content and Interactivity. I guess Ajax has played an important role in it.

I agree working on Javascripts is always a tough job. But then there are various frameworks which are coming out each day to help make that job easier.

I do agree that one should realize what kind of application they want to develop and will Ajax will really helpful. Take for example Google Calendar. I can on work on it as if I am working on my desktop application that too on a dial up connection. Such of functionality is only possible through technology Ajax. The applications where the interactivity of the user to the page is a lot and the content of the page is also more, in such situations Ajax can be really useful.

Well yes, its true Ajax is not the new concept its just that it has got a new name. XMLHTTPRequest object has been there from quite sometime. But its now that we are realizing how effectively can it be used.

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