BEA Releases BEA Weblogic 9.2

Bea has released its version of weblogic 9.2. The central points are :
  • It does not include the Plumtree Portal Server.
  • The Emphasis is on Service oriented architecture
  • Better support for Ajax and WSRP
  • Standards-based portlet federation, based upon the WSRP standard, with support for syndication of portal books and pages, personalized delivery, performance optimization and service lifecycle governance.
  • A new community framework, as part of portal business services that is designed to simplify portal membership, management, and end user production of community portals.
  • Portal lifecycle management capabilities including the new release of BEA Workshop for WebLogic which provides an Eclipse-based development environment for Java, portal, Web, and service-oriented applications. Also, portal propagation is included to help simplify the IT management for moving portals through staging from development to production.

For more information visit Weblogic press release

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